Yamaha Fz1, Fz8

TPL_GK_LANG_VM3_FEATURED Yamaha Fz1, Fz8 Pedane arretrate regolabili Rearsets Commande Reculee Estriberas Yamaha Fz1, Fz8 Pedane arretrate regolabili Rearsets Commande Reculee Estriberas Yamaha Fz1, Fz8 Pedane arretrate regolabili Rearsets Commande Reculee Estriberas Yamaha Fz1, Fz8 Pedane arretrate regolabili Rearsets Commande Reculee Estriberas

Rearsets Yamaha Fz1
Rearsets Yamaha Fz8

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The rearsets for Yamaha Fz1/Fz8 provide the adjustment without any modifications to the original gear setting. Our rearsets are the only ones designed with a system that allows you to mount the new shift rod that goes into the channel of the chassis, just as in the original setting, unlike other brands that include the shift rod mounted outside the chassis.
It’s very simple to get the reverse gear moving the revolving fulcrum of the gear lever.

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Colour Single-Seat Rearsets
Kind Footrest Pegs
System Single-Seat Pegs
Colour Single-Seat Pegs
Lever Brake Peg
Lever Gear Peg
Colour Heel Guards Single-Seat
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Tune your passion
The choice of an accessory is never dull, and the choice of rearsets can't be less.
With the new line Pro-Line 2018 you have the top of design and functionality at your disposal, with a range of exclusive customizations that allows you to get over a thousand color combinations, making each kit unique.
With full commitment, we listen to all of your requests to improve the product in all its aspects.

Technical details
1 - CNC processing with aluminum machined from solid
2 - Nine colours: black, silver, red, gold, blue, orange, green, grey, bronze
3 - Anodizing with sandblasting gives an impeccable finish
4 - Fixed or folding pedals for both rider and passenger
5 - Pedals flat or round
6 - Return spring for the brake lever
7 - Six retraction settings
8 - Idrostop for rear brake light
9 - Spare parts available

What are the benefits of our rearsets?
Our adjustable rearsets aid cornering from entry to exit, thanks to them being positioned higher than and to the rear of the original pegs. Carrying your weight further back allows you to tip the bike into corners more quickly, and in the twisties will give you a more comfortable and aerodynamic riding position for better bike control.
Under heavy braking, this more balanced posture helps to load the front end more through the arms, while pressure on the pegs keeps the rear end from lifting. When accelerating hard, on exiting corners for example, it also helps keep the front end down to prevent wheelieing.

Make unique your kit
We give the possibility of choosing between six colors for the rearsets, pedals and heel guards.
On the models provided you can select the single-seat kit or complete with pillion pegs.

Rearsets colours
colori eng



Hydraulic cable to be mounted on the brake pump necessary to keep the rear brake light.
* Not necessary for some models.

Refunds and Reviews

In the Review section there are the reviews of our customers.
In the Video section or by clicking on the YouTube you can find all the videos.
The refunds, which can be combined together, are only provided for the Pro-Line 2018 line to customers who offer their collaboration by sending reviews, photos and videos.

1 - Review with photos on our website
Refund € 15,00
Photos must be taken in optimal light conditions. We require two photos for each side, with rearsets in the foreground and the bike taken in full.

2 - Review with photos on our Facebook page
Refund € 20,00
Link Facebook page

3 - Assembly video and street view (with action cam)
Refund € 90,00
The first video must record the complete assembly both on the brake side and on the gear side.
The second one must be recorded by mounting a camera on pillion pegs or on the swingarm that record the rearsets while the motorcycle is running on the road.
Both videos must be recorded in Full-HD and in optimal light conditions.
Photos and videos in low light or low resolution will not be accepted.
We'll not accepted videos recorded with a smartphone

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To Norway, Russia, Switzerland and Canary Islands € 34,00 with Italian Post (2/5 working days).

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Once we have shipped your item, we will provide a tracking number for the delivery service that has been chosen which can be accessed through their website.
All our box are assured.
Only one shipping charge will apply to any number of products ordered.

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13 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8 11 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8 
 14 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8 15 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8
16 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8 17 Pedane Rearsets Yamaha Fz1 Fz8

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